Floor Candelabrum Attributed to James Martin


This masterful floor candelabrum is attributed to the New Hope woodworker and sculptor, James Martin, who served as an extended apprentice to George Nakashima. Often, when Nakashima’s studio had a lengthy waitlist for orders, he would employ Martin to complete these projects. His craftsmanship was refined enough to meet Nakashima’s high standards.
This elegant, sculptural piece is comprised of a semicircle of six candles in walnut and spun aluminum. The frame and base are also carved walnut.
Additionally, Martin designed and crafted a hanging version; this floor example is scarcely seen.
The piece is unsigned by Martin, but branded with an ‘s’ on the underside of the base.
The circumference of the semicircle of candles is: 11″.
Each of the six candleholder’s depth is: 3/4″.
The circumference of each spun aluminum disc is: 3.25″.

H: 56.5″ x W: 15″ x D: 15″