Hy Snell Bucking Bronco Mixed-Metal Sculpture on Board


This mixed metal sculpture is comprised of a combination of bronze, copper, found object metal (coins), and others. It is mounted to a walnut board bearing a label with the artist’s name ‘Hy T Snell.’ The piece is additionally artist signed. Sculptures of Hy Snell (b. 1919) focused on motion, and his subjects ranged from ballerinas to boxers to polo players (and in this case, a cowboy riding a bronco). Snell’s story and impressive works gained the admiration and attention of the pharmaceutical company, Pfizer, and he’s become a focal point of the company’s Get Old campaign. Displayed on the street-level windows of its New York City headquarters are two large photos of Snell. This is a monumental example of the artist’s work that embodies both movement and the marriage of similar but different materials, his two objectives in sculpture design.

H: 12″ x W: 20.75″ x D: 3.25″